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Layer47 Product Portfolio
Without the Skills and Services to make them work for you, even the best products and technologies are limited….we have some of the most highly skilled engineers in the world.

We carry many products, tools and core software products in order to provide our services.

Our portfolio is focused on Application Acceleration, here is just a small subset of platforms we provide.


The leading provider of WAN acceleration technology and the ONLY provider of a comprehensive suite of Application Performance products including Network Monitoring, Load Balancing and WAN / Cloud optimization.

We are a key partner for Riverbed and have extensive experience. These technologies and the related services form the heart of our value as an integrator.

An Extensible and high performance traffic management platform for the SMB and Enterprise.

The ALB range provides full 7 layer server load balancing for critical applications like Microsoft Exchange, Lync and Sharepoint in addition to fronting revenue intensive e-commerce systems to provide maximum traffic conversion rates.


Providing the industry’s most tightly application aligned storage solutions and delivering truly enterprise class multi-protocol unified access to mission critical data, NetApp is a partner that you can rely on for feature rich and flexible SAN / NAS deployments ranging from SMB to the very largest Enterprise.


Providing end to end enterprise Networking, Server and Storage solutions across a broad range of applications and use cases, Huawei form a key part of our tool set and offer extraordinary performance and value.


Ever present and always reliable, Cisco’s product range is vast and we can provide systems and consultancy across all LAN / WAN and Server platforms at incredible prices due to relationships we have built with senior management and the partner community over years of extensive work in this area.


Rounding out our class leading SAN/NAS storage portfolio Nexsan offer both blistering high performance arrays and feature rich unified storage offerings in a comprehensive technology suite.

Superbly reliable, easy to use and amongst the most cost effective platforms in the market place, these systems are a very popular choice especially in Media, Life Sciences and as a hybrid SSD / SAS / SATA configuration for general purpose usage.


Purpose built, adaptive storage for Virtual Machines, Tintri is an industry game changer. Flash performance and SATA capacity alongside a VM “aware” file system developed by the ex VP of Engineering at VMware, Tintri provides a truly next gen integration with the hypervisor.

Plug and Play simplicity, per VM / vDisk quality of service and snapshot / replication technology. A MUST for anyone running mission critical virtual machines and virtual desktops with High IOP loads or complexity.


Communicate and collaborate across geographies in High Definition with a range of video conferencing solutions which offer the best quality video experience at any given bandwidth or link quality of any in the market place.

Systems available for individuals and at board room or telepresence level with an enterprise class cloud bridging and multi-room service to compliment.


An exiting opportunity to reduce costs and increase reliability for optical transceiver deployments, Pro-Labs offer next generation, maximum performance connectivity solutions for switching / routing systems including CW and DWDM multiplexing.

Still using Cisco or HP transceivers? Break the mold and get an instant ROI with these incredible systems. Something so small has never made such a difference to the bottom line of your operational costs.


Virtualisation is becoming the norm across almost every sphere of application deployment in the SMB and Enterprise.

Layer47 can provide systems and consultancy for Physical to Virtual migration and in particular the optimization and performance tuning of your VM estate, configurations for disaster recovery and fluid test and development enablement.


A valuable compliment to Virtual machine environments, Embotics provide a software suite for ensuring maximum performance and efficiency in high density and complex VM estates. “Right sizing” your systems and managing multiple hypervisors in one place has never been so easy.

An incredibly useful tool for migrations and visualizing the impact of change in your datacentre, get a free trial today and switch the lights on in your virtual machine infrastructure.

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