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Identify, isolate and resolve application performance issues fast

When an application goes slow and your users or customers start to complain about performance, you need to be able to react fast, identify and locate the issue(s) and solve the problem. The cost of downtime or reduced user productivity for any business is too expensive to tolerate.

Often attempting to troubleshoot the cause of performance issues can be a frustratingly complex, expensive and long-winded process. The Layer47 Remedy service is designed to provide all the resources, skills and tools required to get your IT application, network or system back to a fast and stable level of performance.

Where appropriate, we can also investigate how to further improve application system performance, advising on how user response-times can be further optimised. Problems will always occur, but Layer47 can help you minimise the risks associated with performance problems impacting your business.

Our unique troubleshooting and performance testing methodology achieves accurate and reliable results fast – often within hours of arriving on-site. Usually, we can troubleshoot the main issues without the need for disrupting production services to users.  Our aim is to keep your business running, and your users or customers happy.


The Layer47 Remedy service delivers the following value to any IT troubleshooting  project:

Documented performance baseline of key business transactions, including transaction response-times, end-to-end network traffic flow, and client-server response-time analysis.

Documented identification of end-to-end system performance bottlenecks or “hot-spots” to aid the understanding of how the application system behaves and where problems may be occurring.

Real-time performance monitoring of network and servers (when required).

Detailed analysis of application & network response-times.

Documented conclusions of where the issues are, and recommendations as to how to resolve them.

Supporting data and information to enable effective remedial work to be appropriately allocated and post-fix results measured.

Layer47 Remedy Professional Services

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Costs & Timescales

Troubleshooting of a  typical 2 or 3-tier TCP-IP based application (irrespective of user base or number of user locations), usually requires less than a man-day of consulting effort on-site to gather all necessary data and information. A fully documented report is issued usually within 3 working days.

The cost for this service starts at £3500.

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